Sunday, June 11, 2017


   MONDAY, JUNE 12TH., 2017

   I don't remember ever seeing this
much food in our refrigerator! It started
to show up right after my wife got out
of the hospital after her open heart
   Coincidentally it also started coming
right after I reveled my plans to keep
my wife fed with Spam while she was
recovering and I was "cooking."
    Apparently my love of Span is not
widely shared (except in Hawaii.)
    Our church family has been
especially generous! We've enjoyed
home made stew, meatloaf, casserole,
and meatball hoagies to give you just
a taste of our treats!
     And my daughters have come through
with delicious dishes as well. My
daughter-in-law's Dad even came up with
a turkey meatloaf and some salmon which
was fantastic.
     We didn't make church Sunday. But,
later in the day, our Pastor and his wife
came to visit and share lunch with us.
       You all know Ministers and Priests
who serve communion. But how many
of you have a Pastor who stops by and
cooks a meal for you? We do! And
"Chef Boy-R-Dave" even whipped up
his own special sauce for the
vegetables! Not only that! He and his
wife brought ice cream cones for
        Guess I'll save the Spam for when
my wife is all better!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!

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