Friday, June 9, 2017


   SATURDAY, JUNE 10TH., 2017

   My wife and I have literally heard from
hundreds of people since her open heart
surgery two weeks ago. It has been
    Many have used social media to pass
along prayers and well wishes for a
speedy recovery. They come from old
friends and many people my wife, and
even I, have never actually met in person.
     And then there are the cards. Each day
our mailbox has contained at least one card
wishing her well and all, thus far, have
included a hand written message for her
as well.
      All of these communications have
been pleasant surprises that have
brightened her, and my, days.
       But one that showed up Friday was,
in its own way, extra special.
       We have been raving about the care
and treatment (for patient and family)
offered by the staff at the University
of Pennsylvania (Pen Med) Hospital in
Philadelphia. the card in our mailbox

yesterday was a "Thank You/Get Well
Card" from the staff in the last unit where
she was treated! They were thanking us
for allowing them to care for my wife!
        I call it our "Hospital Hallmark!"
         You just don't see something like
that very often! We continue to be
impressed with everyone who has
helped make all our "NEWS" good!    


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