Friday, June 23, 2017


  SATURDAY, JUNE 24TH., 2017

   The high stocks were gently swaying
in the soft breeze as we walked by. It
brought to mind the lyrics we recall
so well. The "amber waves of grain."
    It was poetic. For just a moment.
Then something bit my ankle. That's
when I realized I wasn't looking at
waves of grain.
    I was gazing at extremely high
uncut grass that sprouted in the
wake of all those spring rains around
our area.
    Most folks in our development
take care to cut their grass before it
becomes jungle-like.
     But we've got some vacant lots
that, unfortunately, have been
unattended for far too long this
      It's bad enough walking by.
I wouldn't venture through those
lots with out a machete and, perhaps,
a hunting rifle!
      I've sent a message to the "powers
that be" in the hope they'll send
someone with a thresher or, at least
a lawn tractor, to cut back the growth
while I can still see the sun!
      Hope they get the message, and
that all your NEWS is good!

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