Thursday, June 1, 2017


   FRIDAY, JUNE 2ND., 2017

    I got the call a little before Noon
Thursday. My wife was to be discharged
from the University of Pennsylvania
Hospital in Philadelphia where she had
open heart surgery on May 23rd.
     I jumped in the car and headed south
on the Turnpike. Two hours later I found
myself  in the middle of that unofficial
Grand Prix race generally known as the
Schuylkill Expressway.
      I've been to the hospital so many
times I pretty much know my way.
Although I had to find a new way
around inside as my wife had been
moved since my last visit.
      There was a pre-release briefing
that was something like you expect
for an astronaut about to head to the
       She has also come home with a
set of instructions and directions that
make those "some assembly required"
projects seem easy by comparison!
        Her "Heart Pillow" is covered
with signatures of Doctors, nurses,
assistants, and visitors who made
her stay as comfortable as possible
under the circumstances!
          The staff at this hospital
has been fantastic. To both the
patient and those of us who waited
and worried! A big Thank you to
all of them!
           That goes for all of you who
offered your prayers during her
stay. Keep them coming!
           Now it's time to get some
rest and rehab at home. We'll be
going back several times over the
next couple months for examinations
and tests.
           Hope we can avoid "Rush
Hour" and that all your NEWS is

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