Sunday, June 4, 2017


   MONDAY, JUNE 5TH., 2017

     I'm spending a lot of time at home
while my wife recuperates from her
recent surgery. I've been using some
of that time reviewing photos and
videos from our Travelworld tour
of Austria, Germany, Switzerland,
and Italy in May,
      There's a couple things you
notice right away when you look at
those pictures. And they have to do
with what you don't see!
      The first is the lack of litter along
the roads and highways in that part
of Europe. There's a lack of graffiti
along those routes as well. There's
also a lack of potholes.
       All things we certainly didn't
       But there was something else
that really impressed me!
       Here at home we're impressed
with homes and buildings built
around the time of the American
revolution. Given the fact we're
talking about tearing down schools
less than 150 years old something
from 1776 or thereabouts does
seem old.
       But in one town we visited
(in Italy) the buildings in the "New
section" of the community were
built after a fire 500 years ago!
       The "Old section's" shops
and houses were much older!
       Kind of lends new meaning
to the term "they don't build them
like they used to!"
       Hope we start building them
:like they used to" again......and
that all your NEWS is good!

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