Wednesday, June 7, 2017


   THURSDAY, JUNE 8TH., 2017
                 BFF DAY!

     Best Friend Day (BFF Day) is a time
to enjoy and appreciate your best friend.
It's a day to honor and cherish the relationship.
     I have been blessed with a lot of very good
     My oldest has been my friend since First
grade. I have know Bob Biscombe since we
both entered A.D. Thomas Elementary
School in Hazleton. And we've never lost
touch with one another!
     We were in each other's wedding
parties and our wives became close friends
     In the case of Bob and me I suppose it
is proof that opposites attract.
     Bob was an "A" student all the way
through school. As I've told you before
I had an "A" once too.
     Bob always saved his money. I felt
it more important to keep the economy
     But Bob still amazes me. Every time
I get a letter or card from him I know I'm
in for an evening of reading. He fills in
every bit of blank space on each card and
     Bob and I both like to take pictures.
But in Bob's case it has become an
obsession. These days he not only takes
pictures, he takes pictures of pictures!
     And it's not unusual to see this former
Driver Ed Teacher stop on the railroad
tracks to get a shot down the line.
     Bob and I always ate well. In fact
he often helped us finish our dinners
while visiting my old home. We used
to say we never needed a garbage disposal
until Bob moved away.
      It's not often you stay close to a friend
for that many years. But close we remain.
      I suppose part of that involves the
fact that he doesn't use a computer or
read my blogs. So you'll have to tell
him about this one!
       Hope you've got a couple of old
dear friends! If so it's likely all your
NEWS is good!

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