Friday, June 2, 2017


   SATURDAY, JUNE 3RD., 2017

    Now that my wife is recuperating
from her recent operation here at home
I've had some time to go over photos
and notes from our recent trip to the
Austrian Alps.
     There were so many wonderful
things to see in Austria and Germany.
But while we rave about the trip
there was one aspect that surprised
us and not in a positive way.
      Every couple hours our tour bus
would make a rest stop. Around these
parts such a stop might well have you
visiting the rest room.
      But is Germany and Austria
such a visit will cost you money!
Using the restrooms requires the
deposit of what amounts to 70 cents
(in Euros) in a machine that unlocks
a turnstile to allow you to enter.
      To be fair the machine does
give you change and a coupon for
50 cents (in Euros) towards any
purchase at the rest stop's
restaurant or store.
       Of course it can be challenging
to try to recognize the type of coins
in your pocket and gather the proper
amount in time to make the rest stop
you've really come in to make!
        If you're old enough you may
remember pay toilets along the
Pennsylvania Turnpike and in many
restaurants and business places until
one of our Governors (can't remember
which) stopped that practice and
required all public eateries with
inside tables to provide free rest
rooms for customers.
        If you've every done a lot
of traveling you've probably visited
a McDonalds, or the like, for more
than just a "Big Mac!"
        I prefer the American system
in this case! It's better..."in the end!"
        Hope all your NEWS is good!


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