Saturday, June 3, 2017


  SUNDAY, JUNE 4TH., 2017
           SAY CHEESE!

     Don't worry! Nobody is taking
your picture.
     June 4th is National Cheese
Day! Americans consume, on average,
around 31 pounds of cheese a year!
     I've always liked cheese. I
remember when my grandma
lived in the apartment above our
house when I was growing up.
She always seemed to have a
supply of Kraft American
cheese on hand which proved
to be a great snack!
      As I got older I graduated
to pizza which, of course, is
built around cheese. Ironically
I don't favor American cheese
on pizza. I still like it well
enough. But an Italian treat
like pizza seems better suited
to provolone, parmesan or
        Of course being a
Hazleton native I am also
familiar with the unique
quality and taste of "Scamutz."
         Genuine scamutz is fresh
mozzarella soaked in saltwater
overnight. The cheese is then dried.
I have no idea why it's so big in
Hazleton and so little known
         A block of Extra Sharp
Cheddar has little chance of
surviving very long in our
refrigerator if I'm aware of its
          So whether it's on top of
a burger, grilled between two
slices of bread, or just cut thin
and placed on a cracker, this is
the day to :say cheese!"
        Hope you enjoy your treat
and that all your NEWS is good!


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