Monday, June 12, 2017


          A STICH IN TIME!  

  It was a "stitch in time" that, years ago, saved
our area!
  That "stitch" was provided by the sewing
machine! The key tool of the Garment industry.
   A heck of a lot of gals from our area helped put
bread on the family table. Both as a housewife and
a member of the ILGWU! 
   And today, June 13th. is Sewing Machine Day!
Day!  Of course it's also celebrated on September
10th (Although I'm not absolutely sure how we're
suppose to "celebrate" the day!)
   There was a time when you'd probably find a
sewing machine in nearly every home. They're
harder to find these days.....nearly as rare as the
people who know who to use them!
    We have two electric ones and a foot
powered machine awaiting restoration.
Those early foot pedal machines were
kind of neat because you could mend clothes
and get some exercise at the same time.
    My wife knows how to work those
machines. I don't. And that's probably a
pretty good thing!  Regular readers know
I'm not great with mechanical devices!
   I do know they cause electrical
interference on the TV when my wife is sewing.
   Seems  sewing machines were actually
invented in France. And that was way back
in the 1830's!
   The U.S. patent was issued on September
10th in 1846 which seems to support the
September date a bit more than today. Still
June 13th also shares the title!
    When you think of sewing machines, if
you ever have such thoughts, you probably
think of the name Singer. The company is
still making the things at its factory near
Nashville, Tennessee.
    Anyhow it's really good to know sewing
machines are still around because "a stitch
in time saves nine!"
    Nine what?  I'm not sure! Hope you know
and that all your NEWS is good!

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