Sunday, June 18, 2017


   MONDAY, JUNE 19TH., 2017

   Looking for adventure and
what ever comes your way? Well,
if so this is your day. June 19th is
"Ride to Work Day!"
   Now most of you probably do
just that. Ride to work. But this is
a date to promote taking that ride
on a motorcycle!
    Cycle enthusiasts promote the
event on the third Monday of June
to call attention to the advantages
of riding motorcycles.
      Things like saving fuel and
reducing pollution. Bike riders
also have a lot less trouble finding
a parking spot!
      I drove my cycle to Scranton
a few times when I was still on the
news beat for WYOU. I enjoyed
it generally. But there were some
      You see my motorcycle is a
1971 Honda 90 cc Street/Trail
Bike. For those who don't follow
things like the size of a motor, I
was basically being powered along
by an oversized lawnmower engine.
      For me that meant going up
hills (if they weren't too big) at about
25 to 30 miles per hour. The wind
from the cars whizzing by nearly
pushed me over!  And my usual 25
minute trip took closer to an hour!
      At least it was bigger than the
first cycle I bought. That was only
50cc's. After I picked it up my Dad
told my friend it the stupidest thing
I ever did. Actually it wasn't. But
that's a whole different blog.
        If you're got a bike I encourage
you to tale part in this exciting day.
Although I should warn you that
rain is predicted.
        If you don't have a motorcycle
maybe you can just watch Easy Rider
or The Wild Bunch.
         Hope you were "Born yo be
Wild" and that all of your NEWS is

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