Monday, June 19, 2017


      TUESDAY, JUNE 20TH., 2017

     Some of you have probably noticed
the sunshine and 90 degree days we've
had in between rainstorms recently.
      I'm sure some of my neighbors
noticed that in the midst of those truly
summer-like days my little red Miata
sat, covered up, as they usually see it
throughout the winter season.
       Truth is I have been itching to
put the top down and take advantage
of those great days. But it's just not
the same without my wife!
       Although I have now heard two
very different medical opinions on the
subject the "accepted policy" requires
open heart surgery patients to ride in
the back seat during their rehabilitation
        The theory involves the potential
danger a patient might face should an
air bag deploy during an accident.
         My Miata, of course, has no back
seat so, following prescribed policy, I
have no place to put her.
         The "not officially approved
theory" suggests that a rear seat
passenger faces just as much danger
in an accident from flying forward
and striking the front seat!
          My policy, either way, is to
do everything possible to avoid
accidents. And, I suppose, if I had
one in the Miata your seating
assignment would be very
          Anyhow, my wife's rehab is
coming along nicely so I'm hoping
it won't be too long before she's
getting back to the front!
          Hope that's sooner than later
and that all your NEWS is good!


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