Saturday, June 10, 2017


     SUNDAY, JUNE 11TH., 2017
         WELL DONE JACK!

      Many of you know I played a small
part in a movie (All In Time) that was
just released last year.
       What you may not know is that my
role was based on a real person...Jack
        Jack was Chris Fetchko's  Dad.
Chris wrote and co-directed our movie,
a small portion of which was based on
one of his own life experiences.
        Unfortunately Jack passed away
in April. But on Saturday family and
friends (and lots of them) gathered in
Hazleton to celebrate Jack's life on what
would have been his Birthday and Wedding
Anniversary. A number of people who
were part of the movie turned out for the
         I only ever met Jack once, at the
Kirby Theater area premier of our movie.
         Yesterday Chris gave us all a real
insight into his Dad's life.
          It was a life filled with devotion
to his family. He was a man determined
to do whatever it took, even working
several jobs at one time, to provide for
his wife and children.
         When I played him in the movie
I portrayed a father who wanted his son
to give up a life he loved in favor of
a secure, well paying office job.
         In reality, Jack Fetchko supported
all of his son's choices even if they might
not have been those he would have made.
         There were, of course, many tears
as Chris recalled some of the moments in
Jack's life, But they were far outnumbered
by laughs and smiles from those who knew
him, whether it was for years or, in my case,
for but a day.
         I couldn't help but notice that Jack's
wife, the love of his life, was smiling too!
And I suspect Jack was watching, listening,
and smiling as well.
        I only knew him for a day, But
whether I play him or not, this man deserves
his own movie! Well done Jack! See you
        And readers, hope all your NEWS is

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