Thursday, June 22, 2017


   FRIDAY, JUNE 23RD., 2017

    I can't remember just when our
daughter told us she was entertaining
the idea of inviting a foreign exchange
student into her home. I know I had
my doubts about the wisdom of such
a move.
    And those doubts continued,,,,until
I met Kyle! (I should point out at this
point that "Kyle" was the American
name he choose. I'm sure I can't
pronounce, let along spell, his given
     Kyle came to our area from Taiwan.
I thought they only sent toys!
     He is a young gentleman who took
on the challenge of coming to another
country and attending a school where
he had to learn new customs and
academics offered only in English!
The culture shock must have been
     Add to all that the fact  he
was immediacy "adopted" into
our family which has its own
unique personalities and habits
which may or may not reflect
those of a "typical American
      My wife and I became "Grannie
and Grandpa" and my daughter, his
host, became "Mom."
      He traveled nearly everywhere
with the family and it was always
a treat to have him around. He
even ate the foods to which he was
introduced. That, in some cases,
was its own challenge! Tastes
vary a lot from culture to culture.
      Today Kyle's visit comes to
an end. Early in the morning he
begins a very long set of flights
that will take him back to his
biological family. I was
tempted to write "back to his
real family." But that would be
inaccurate. Truth is he became
a real part of our family and we
will miss him! We already do!
       It is his hope to return to
the U.S. when it comes time
for college. And it is our hope
that will bring him back to us.
       Until then, Farewell
"Grandson" and may all your
NEWS be good!



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