Wednesday, May 31, 2017


    THURSDAY, JUNE 1ST., 2017

       It now seems likely my wife will
be released from the University of
Pennsylvania Thursday or Friday to
continue her post heart surgery recovery
here at home.
        I have been doing a lot of planning
for her return.
        I remembered to pack up the
garbage and dump the waste baskets
so the trash will be waiting for the
weekly pickup this morning.
       I went to the store and picked
up some fresh fruit and a half
gallon of milk that has an expiration
date that's a week or so in the future.
       I dumped the old milk down the
drain despite the fact it was still white.
       After consulting with several
friends and family members I abandoned
my plan to stock up with a month's
supply of Spam for her dining pleasure.
My advisors didn't seem to think my
idea was all that brilliant.
        I still have a couple last minute
decisions to make. She won't be allowed
to lift anything over 10 pounds for a
number of weeks.
        That means I have to either
bundle the laundry in 9 pound packs,
do it myself, which could easily be
a disaster, or ask one of my daughters
to help.
        It will be great to finally have
my wife at home again. I miss all
those conversations we have as
she speaks in her light toned voice
and I answer...."What?"
       Hope she likes "fast food" and
that all her, and your, NEWS is

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