Tuesday, May 16, 2017


    WEDNESDAY, MAY 17TH., 2017

    On Tuesday our tour of the Austrian
Alps took us to Salzburg!
    It's a beautiful city know as the home
to a guy who had a string of musical
hits back in his time. His name was
    But the city also draws big crowds
looking for locations where another
musical production was filmed in the
1960's. It was called "The Sound of
    There's a statue of Mozart in the
town square. As for The Sound of
Music, while the basic story was
real, Hollywood did it's own thing
and used some places that didn't
match the true story for its film.
    For instance there's a cemetery
where the movie Von Trapp kids
hid behind tombstones to avoid
being captured. That's a popular
tourist stop even though the real
Von Trapp kids wouldn't have
been caught dead there!
      You get a great view of the
whole city and all those movie
scenes from the castle that
overlooks the community. There's
a neat railway tram that takes you
there. But once inside you'll likely
walk more steps that the Von Traps
did during the entire escape which,
by the way, was not through the
Alps. That route would have taken
them into Germany rather than
away from it!
     After checking out our old
buddy Mozart, and a couple of
the movie locations I settled
back at a restaurant in the
castle and enjoyed some
Wiener schnitzel and French fries!
     Hope I can find my way back down
and that all your NEWS is good!

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