Saturday, May 6, 2017


 SUNDAY, MAY 7TH., 2017

  My daughter-in-law, her son and
daughter, my middle grandson, and
I decided to get out of the rain and
into a Trolley Saturday!
   Lackawanna County's "Electric
City Trolley Museum" has resumed
it's excursions for the Spring and
Summer season so we got on
    If you haven't yet taken advantage
of this wonderful local attraction
you're truly missing the boat. Or, in
this case, the trolley.
     The ten mile route takes you from
downtown Scranton to the Rail Rider's
Baseball Stadium in Moosic. On the
way you travel through a mile-long
tunnel, believed to be the longest of
its kind in the country! There's just
something special about going through
a tunnel! As long as you're on the
train instead of seeing its light coming
towards you!
       We got a bonus by boarding the
3pm run which happen to include a
group of very nice people who were
using the trolley as part of a Birthday
party. The celebrators shared their
Birthday cookies with my grandkids!
And we happily joined in the singing of
"Happy Birthday" as did the Conductor
and Motorman!
         Scranton is credited with having
the first Electric Trolley Car system in
the United States. It's why Scranton is
known as "The Electric City." Those
old rails have been gone for many years.
But thanks to this fun filled excursion
young and old alike can get a taste of
history in a most exciting fashion!
        Hope you get on board too..and
that all your NEWS is good!

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