Sunday, May 14, 2017

A MAN'S HOME IS.........

    MONDAY, MAY 15TH., 2017
      A MAN'S HOME IS.........

   As many of you know my home is
Karl's castle while my wife and I host
a Travelworld adventure to the Austrian
Alps. So, for the time being, my home
is a hotel. Which isn't bad by the way!
    If you can get over the fact that Inns
here do not provide wash clothes and
you've got to bring an adapter to plug
in or charge anything electric they're
pretty nice places.
    Road travel is a lot different than
back home. The good thing is there's
no pot homes. The bad thing? Well in
Germany you've got to pay to use the
bathrooms along the highways! It's 70
Euros. But you get a coupon for 50 back
when you buy something is the store
     Hopefully you'll buy something to
keep you alert so you'll be ready when
the other drivers pass you at 80mph or
more on the Autobahn!
     A lot of guys had castles in these parts
back in the day. They're scattered all
along the countryside. Some are in
ruins. But many others are now open
as tourist attractions or hotels and such.
     It's a pretty neat place. I noticed a
lot of German license plates on the cars.
And I hear a lot of people talking but
don't understand a word they're saying!
      There are lots of trains. Passenger
and freight, And they run about 15
minutes apart every 15 minutes! They
run right by many of those castles.
       But one of the biggest differences
I've noticed is the absence of litter!
       Hope we can "pick up" on that
one and that all your NEWS IS good!

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