Sunday, May 28, 2017


     MONDAY, MAY 29TH., 2017

   On this Memorial Day I am remembering
Memories In Medal.
    I joined my son, daughter-in-law, and
three grandkids at Knoebel's Amusement
Park Sunday.
    Over the years, each time I visited there,
I'd stop in the Arcade to use a souvenir
machine on which you could press a
message on a coin-like medal. It was
probably designed well before I was
born. And that's probably the problem!
     I'd always get one for my wife and I
know she has those medals and there
messages stored away in some safe
      But when I visited Saturday the
machine was no where to be found.
It was out of order the last time I
stopped in. But knowing Knoebel's
determination to preserve historical
treasures I figured they'd have it
repaired by now. Not so!
       Seems my favorite machine is
now so old it is beyond repair and
have been removed.
        Unable to engrave a new
message for my wife, who is
recovering from open heart surgery,
I asked an attendant if there might
be any blank medals taking up
shelf space somewhere. Indeed
there were a couple gathering
dust nearby!
         I have them now and will
give them to my wife. She can
imagine each message from me.
         Somewhere I suppose the
remains of the old medal press
have been stored away, never to
print names or love messages
again. I'd like to think there's a
partially finished message
inside that reads...."Hope all
your NEWS is good!"


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  1. When I read this story I wanted to try to help. I found this link that you may find of interest, it's a fella that has one of those machines and will make you a coin but he wants to actually receive the request with a story as to why you want it:

    Best wishes,