Wednesday, May 24, 2017


   THURSDAY. MAY 25TH., 2017

    And so with my wife recovering from
open heart surgery at the University of
Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia I
was faced with either staying in one of
the Family Rooms overnight or booking
a local hotel.
      The Family Rooms are a good place
to sit during the day waiting for updates
and planning walks to the luncheonette,
the rest rooms, or the vending machines.
       As for sleeping, it's possible, but not
my first choice.
       And so it was that I signed up for a
room at the Holiday Inn/Stadium. It's
literally right in front of the Philly's
       But when returning from the hospital
Wednesday night I found my usual entrance
to the hotel parking lot blocked by barrels
and a very long chain!
       I can understand the hotel's desire to
keep Philly fans from crowing its parking
facilities. But I thought, perhaps, hotel
guests should have access.
       I got a little concerned when I found
the second entrance ramp blocked just
like the first. Was there no room at the
(Holiday) Inn?
       Another turn took me close to a
city police officer who explained that
one ramp on the other side of the
building was left open for patrons! And
so I made it. Inside at last!
        Hope the Phillies have an "Away"
game tomorrow and that all your NEWS
is good!

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