Saturday, May 27, 2017


     SUNDAY, MAY 28TH., 2017
            HELPING HANDS!

     I've spent the better part of each
day since last Tuesday sitting in a so-
called "Family Waiting Room" at the
University of Pennsylvania Hospital
while my wife begins her long recovery
journey from open heart surgery.
     Other than checking in on my
wife from time to time I've done
virtually nothing. And yet, it has
exhausted me!
      So, with the advice of my
children and encouragement of my
wife, I headed home Saturday for a
couple days of R & R.
      That R & R was made possible
by some wonderful helping hands!
       My sister-in-law was the first
to step in with some assistance.
My daughter-in-law provided the
Saturday blog.
Then, while one daughter took over
the hospital watch, the other showed
up to do my laundry and provide
dinner. In fact there's more food
than I can consume during my
brief stay! Even my favorite pie!
      My grandson hitched a ride
from his dad and spent the late
afternoon cutting my grass.
      My son has invited me to an
outing at Knoebels, an escape
where stress is not permitted.
      Add to that the continued
prayers and well wishes of many
of you and I know all my NEWS
is good!

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  1. We have been wondering how the Decosmos were doing. We haven't heard a word from Bob, so Lee thought of your blog. Please know that we are thinking of and praying for Leona's full recovery. Your blog is very nice.