Tuesday, May 2, 2017


   WEDNESDAY, MAY 3RD., 2017

    My wife and I, mainly my wife, are
getting ready to escort a group of
excited travelers on a tour to Austria.
    It takes a few hours to cross the
Atlantic. We've done it a couple of
times and usually spend several of
our hours in the air catching a movie
on the aircraft's video system.
    But over the past few weeks it's
the movies taken, rather than shown,
on the planes that have captured our
     We've seen one Doctor dragged
off a flight for refusing to give up
his seat, a woman hit by a stroller by
an attendant who wanted it stored away,
and two guys who took their swings
in the aircraft aisles instead of in the
ring at Madison Square Garden.
      Of course the latest incident
took place just about the same time
Airline Executives were being
grilled by Congress about the
treatment of passengers and were
warned to clean up their act or
face new regulations "they might
not like."
     I'm hoping that warning may
lead to one of the most pleasant
flights we've ever had. But, just
in case, I'm going to ask my
grandson Jason for a few tips! He's
a Black Belt Karate Instructor.
      Hope we find "the friendly
skies" when we go, and that all
your NEWS is good!

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