Sunday, May 21, 2017


    MONDAY, MAY 22ND., 2017

   Although I've still got a whole lot of
pictures to share with you I must sadly
report that our tour of the Austrian
Alps has come to an end. We are home.
    I think everyone in our group looked
forward to the trip. But I believe ,after a
recent series of incidents, there was just
a little apprehension about our flight to
and from our destination.
    After seeing one man dragged off a
plane and a woman wacked by the
stroller she brought on board I'm sure
our guests, and me, were wondering
how we'd be treated.
     The answer was GREAT!
      We all got a couple of meals,
beverages, and snacks while in the
air. And, since it was a long flight
I got to watch 2 and 4/5 current movies
on both flights. (They weren't quite
long enough to finish the third film!)
       We flew United which, as you may
know, was involved in a couple
recent incidents, That may have
prompted an extra nice response to
folks like us on more recent trips!
         I'm glad the skies are friendly
again! Hope they stay that way and
that all your NEWS is good!


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