Monday, May 1, 2017


    TUESDAY, MAY 2ND., 2017

    Just before I took that fall at the
Wiffle Ball game that bruised both
knees, my right palm, and my pride
our church family provided a great
meal! Admittedly just after the fall
I wondered if it had actually been
"the last supper.'
    In months that include a 5th
Sunday we have a special after
church fellowship. Church members
provide all sorts of home made foods
including, this past Sunday, grilled
hot dogs and bratwurst, meatballs,
pasta, all kinds of salads and some
fantastic rice pudding!
    Since the luncheon also happened
to fall on the eve of my grandson's
19th Birthday our family used the
occasion to do some celebrating!
     I think he really enjoyed it
especially since everyone agreed
to his request that we abstain from
singing "Happy Birthday," After
19-years he's heard enough of our
voices to know there's only about
four family members that can
carry a tune.
      Fortunately after my fall
two people, our Pastor and my
son, were able to carry, or at least
lift me, back to my feet.
       Thanks for the well wishes.
One writer was happy the Pastor
gave me first aid instead of last
rites. (We don't have those anyway.)
       Hope my grandson enjoyed his
Birthday, that my knees stop
aching, and that all your NEWS
is good.


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