Sunday, April 30, 2017


            A BLOG EXTRA!!!

     My wife has been opposed to my
participation in "baseball" for many
years now. Since I passed 65 she
always believed there was too much
chance for injury.
     It seems somewhat ironic then to
realize that she not only allowed our
participation in an informal church
Wiffle Ball game, but was actually
at bat as I pitched and then went
down for the count!
     Her grounder went to my right.
My old Softball instincts kicked in
and I turned quickly to lunge for the
     Whether it was that quick turn,
the fact my little grandson was too
close by, or just clumsy steps on my
part, the result was the same! I went
down hard on the stone covered
parking lot and felt simultaneous
sharp pains in my let and right knees
and on my right palm.
     I was convinced the knee was
     I was immediately surrounded
by family members and our church
pastor, a former Combat Medic. He
instantly began treatment while, at
the same time admitting, he usually
only handled cases similar to mine
when a gunshot was involved.
     I worried, as I was stretched out
on the ground, that my little grandson
may have been hurt too. Fortunately
his "boo boo" was limited to a slight
scrape. He shook that off quickly and
knelt beside me to check me out. In
fact later he took his band aid off and
put it on me!
      The pastor checked my knees
carefully and, once assured there were
no broken bones, lifted me to my feet
with the assistance of my son. Then
he and my wife worked on wrapping
my bleeding knee and right palm.
      Grandson Ryan got ice and two
grand daughters, Jenna and Kara, took
turns either holding my hand or taking
pictures. My daughter-in-law, still
celebration her anniversary, also
documented the incident with photos
as did my daughter.
      My son drove me home and helped
me get in the house where I started
writing this blog and attempting to
move my left leg (knee) which is
emphasized with cries of pain!
I may be out of it for awhile!
      Hope the Yanks don't try to call
me up this week,,,and that all your
NEWS is good!

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