Saturday, April 22, 2017


    SUNDAY, APRIL 23RD., 2017
           SEEING STARS!

    There was a lot of talent gathered
in one room at Stirna's Restaurant in
Scranton Saturday night. But it wasn't
a band or a comedy act that highlighted
the night (although there were a lot of
funny memories)!
     The occasion was the WDAU/WYOU
      Veteran TV watchers will surely
remember many of the on-air personalities
that once appeared on channel 22 back in
the day. People like Debbie Dunleavy,
Bill Mecca, Sue Miller, Bob Reynolds,
Paula Deignan-Reynolds, Don Perry, and
my old buddy Derry Bird.
      But the gathering also brought
out many of the people who worked
behind the scenes to bring those nightly
newscasts into your home.
       It's nice to get together and reminisce
about old times. You can even laugh at
some of the not-so-good memories after
years have passed. And the good memories
seem even better now! Time has a way of
doing that! 
       You could still put this gang in front
of a camera anytime and come away with
a great, professional newscast!
        It was great to work with them in the
past and to see them again at the reunion!
Hope we get together again and that all
their, and your, NEWS is good!

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