Thursday, April 6, 2017


   FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH., 2017

   There's a big holiday on tap today.
But I'm not likely to be celebrating.
    April 7th., is "National Beer Day!"
    On March 22, 1933, President Franklin
D. Roosevelt, signed the Cullen-Harrison Act.
It repealed prohibition for beer. Effective
April 7, 1933, people could once more buy,
sell and consume beer.
    On the first National Beer Day,
Americans consumed 1.5 million barrels
of legal beer and ale. That probably pales
compared with many Saturday nights
these days!
      I'm not what you'd call a "Beer guy."
I have some wine every now and then.
But I've never especially like the taste
of most beers.
     In fact when we visited Ireland a
couple years ago I tried to give my wife
my pint of Guinness after just one sip!
     I still know the Gibbons and
Stegmeier jingles by heart and the
scent of hops cooking as I drive by our
local brewery is not unpleasant. I just
don't appreciate the taste.
      I had one "Light beer" a couple
weeks ago and it wasn't half bad. I may
have another. Sometime later this year.
      As for "National Beer Day" I'll
probably raise a toast with my Pepsi!
      For the rest of you, "Bottoms Up!"
Hope all your NEWS is good!

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