Friday, April 21, 2017


    SATURDAY, APRIL 22ND., 2017

       You need a license for
all kinds of things these days.
       I have a Driver's License,
a Fishing License and what you
might call an "Artistic License!"
       On April 22nd., 2011,
in a moment of insanity, I
decided to begin a Blog!
       I had officially
retired from the main stream
media. But I still had a desire
to write and had seen others
fulfill that ambition with a
blog. I wasn't sure if it would
be a weekly or a monthly
effort. But before I could give
it a second thought I was
authoring an essay every day!
     Most have been based on
personal events in my day to
day life. Some are prompted
by web sites where I have
found some very unusual
holidays that few people
know about.
     Occasionally over these
past 6 years I've repeated a
couple of my posts. That's
either because I find they are
well worth revisiting or
because my mind has gone
blank. Of course some would
say many of my original
writings suggest a blank mind
      So here we are, six years
later with Blog number 2238!
       I got another License on
April 22nd. But that one came
48 years ago!
     It was my Marriage License!
My wife (then my fiancée), her
mom and I, showed up at the Luzerne
County Courthouse with the
required fee to get our license.
We needed her mom too because,
back then, you had to have a
parent's signature if you were
under 21. That didn't effect me.
I didn't even get carded!
      Fortunately my mother-in-
law to be agreed to sign and we
got our license.
      Hope it hasn't expired....and
that all your NEWS is good!

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