Wednesday, April 19, 2017


     THURSDAY, APRIL 20TH., 2017
               GIVE ME FIVE!

     It's an everyday thing these days.
Especially in sports. You see the winning
team leaving the field and all the players
are exchanging "high fives!"
     My 19-month-old grandson is just
beginning to speak. But ask him to
give you fives and he'll probably reach
out his hand to accommodate your
     Still, little did I know there was
a "National High Five Day." And this
is it!
     The use of high fives actually dates
back to 1997 when it was used during
a basketball game. It was probably done
before that. But nobody noticed.
      In 2002 some college students from
the University of Virginia picked the
third Thursday in April as "National High
Five Day" and decided to celebrate. It
spread, although there's no record of any
Congressional action making the day
      So join in the fun and pass along
some high fives today to extend the
celebration! Hope your greeting is
welcomed and that all your NEWS
is good!

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