Saturday, April 15, 2017


 SUNDAY, APRIL 16TH., 2017

   Happy Easter friends!
   On Saturday two of my grandkids,
and their parents, joined me for one
of our community's nicest Easter
    The Plains Township Lion's Club
hosts a lot of special events for our
town. And it's especially nice that
several of those events are designed
to bring families together.
     The annual Easter Egg Hunt is
one of them!
      Our community park provides
an ideal location for the event.
Lions club members set the stage
by scattering what must be a
thousand or so plastic eggs in
several sections of the park. Each
section is reserved for kids of
various ages so everybody has a
fair chance to gather an egg or so.
       And each of the eggs has a
bit of candy inside. Some also
have a special prize which can
be claimed after the hunt if over.
       Now those candies don't
grow in the eggs. And those
special prizes weren't delivered
by Santa.
       It's all the work of the Lions
Club and it, like all the club's
other projects, are designed to
make our community a better
place. The club also collected
can goods to be donated to a
local soup kitchen.
         Judging from the smiles
on parents and kid's faces, and
a chocolate stain were or there,
the efforts are working well.
        I had only one problem.
I couldn't find the field set us
for 74 plus year olds!       
        Hats off to the Lions for
all they do and, again, Happy
Easter to everyone. Hope all
your NEWS is good!      


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