Wednesday, April 5, 2017


     THURSDAY, APRIL 6TH., 2017

   The thermometer read about 61 when
my wife suggested it might be nice
enough to take a top down ride in the
Miata. My initial reaction was to wait
for a couple more degrees.
    But after thinking about it for about
90 seconds I walked outside, uncovered
the car and told my wife we'd try a shot,
slow drive to see how it felt.
     About an hour later we found
ourselves enjoying a really great ride
under beautiful sunny skies. We were
also getting hungry.
     As I thought about our return route
memories of an old Barbeque stand
came to mind so we set that as our
dinner destination. It turned out to be
a great choice!
      Stookey's along route 11 in West
Nanticoke has been around since 1926
so they must be doing something right!
We both selected Pork barbeques with
the traditional relish. They were so
big we weren't sure we could finish
them. But we managed to. Then we
ordered one more cut in half so we
could split it. With the same relish
of course.
       A great topping to the
barbeque and a wonderful Spring
day! Hope we have a lot more and
that all your NEWS is good!


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