Thursday, April 27, 2017


  FRIDAY, APRIL 28TH., 2017

    It's a "road show" that's been
running since 2012!
    On the 100th anniversary of
the sinking of the Titanic three
of us with ties to the disaster
teamed up to tell our stories to
anyone who was interested.
     Over these past 6 years we've
learned there are plenty of people,
young and old, anxious to hear
whatever they can about the
famous ship and some of the
people who were aboard.
     Of course as far as the ship
is concerned all of the stories
end the same way!
     Our trio was on stage again
Wednesday, at College Misericordia
where the Back Mountain Chamber
concluded a day long business and
community Expo with our presentation.
     Historian Bill Lewis has published
a book on people bound for our area
on the Titanic.
     Back in 1972 I solved a mystery
by "reuniting" two survivors. one of
whom saved the other's baby when
the ship went down.
     Mae Thomas is the sister of the
baby that was saved. She was born
long after Titanic. But she heard
her mother's stories about the ship
so many times you'd think she was
the survivor! Mae, who is 92, has a
great memory!
      We've become good friends
and enjoy sharing our local stories.
Hope we can do it for a long time
to come and that all your NEWS
is good!


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