Monday, April 10, 2017


     TUESDAY, APRIL 11TH., 2017

    We came "unwrapped" Monday. But
it was all good!
     With morning temperatures in the
70's I first unwrapped the Miata and
put the top down for my weekly TV
visit to Scranton.
      By the time I returned in was in
the 80's so my wife suggested I
unwrap the cover that's protected
our grill all winter.
      To top the day off she unwrapped
a couple steaks that spent that same
long winter in our freezer.
      I unwrapped the cooking utensils
and took on the cooking duties for
what we're hoping is the first of
many grilling opportunities this
       So you see, sometimes coming
"unwrapped" can be a very good
       Hope you're not wrapped too
tight and that all your NEWS is

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