Monday, April 24, 2017


     TUESDAY, APRIL 25TH., 2017

  You see them everywhere. Coming and
going. Of course in Pennsylvania you only
see them going!
   I'm writing about license plates! April
25 is License Plate Day!
   There's a lot to be said for license plates.
In the days before tablets and IPads you
could keep the kids from constantly
asking "Are we there yet" by keeping
them busy playing the License Plate
Game. They had to watch for license
plates from different states on the cars
passing by to see who could find the most!
     If you're lucky enough to have the
battery die on your kid's device you can
still play the game today.
     License plates can sometimes help
solve crimes! Of course eye witnesses
have to remember to write them down
or commit them to memory.
     I know some political guys who
have found work making license
plates. We've got a few from around
these parts.
      So give some praise to the trusty
license plate today! I wonder how
many of you know the numbers and/
or letters on yours?
      Hope you do and that all your NEWS
is good!

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