Tuesday, April 18, 2017


                PEER PRAISE!

     We hear a lot about Peer Pressure.
But on Tuesday I was the grateful
recipient of some Peer Praise!
     For then third time in about as
many years Harold Jenkins of
nepablogs.org has selected my daily
publication as his "Blog of the week"
for PALive on WBRE.
    I've been lucky to win a couple
of reader poll contests with my
daily ramblings. But Harold's selection
is special because he's in the blog
     When selecting my blog he called it
"The blog of longtime newsman, traveler,
and raconteur David DeCosmo."
      I had to look up "raconteur" to make
sure he wasn't connecting me with the
rackets. But, turns out, it's a compliment!
      There are some really good bloggers
on line these days. David Yonki comes
to mind immediately. He, like many of
the others, writes about serious topics
that deserve our attention.
       I suppose I've touched on a serious
topic from time to time. I remember,
for instance, writing what I was sure
would be my last blog when the Mayan
calendar ended!
      I had to come up with a blog quickly
the next day when I found we were all
still here! (By the way, according to
Jeane Dixon, we've got until 2020!)
      But most of my blogs are based on
personal experiences, crazy "holidays,"
or just nutty things I see around us
every day.
      So my thanks to Harold, the folks
at PAlive, and all of you who take a
minute or two every day to read my
nonsenses! Hope you keep reading
and that all your NEWS is good.

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