Thursday, April 13, 2017


   FRIDAY, APRIL 14TH., 2017
                PIE EYED!

     For most of my life I've equated
the term "Easter Pie" with a selection
of deserts that awaited us after our
family dinner.
      Then I noticed a couple Facebook
posts about a more traditional Easter
Pie that brought back memories of
visits to my Italian aunt's homes
during the holiday.
      These pies were made from a
variety of meats, eggs, and cheeses
that could stand on their own as a
main course if so desired.
      I'm sure I tasted my aunt's
Easter Pies when I was a kid. You
never left any of my Italian aunt's
homes without eating something
whether you wanted to or not!
      But it's been so long I couldn't
remember what they tasted like or
whether I liked them or not.
      A friend of mine in Scranton
invited me to try a sample of his.
But at just about that same time
I saw another Facebook post from
a cousin of mine in Hazleton, my
home town!
      Seems his wife, who used to
run a deli, still makes Easter Pies
in response to requests from many
of her former customers!
      Could it be that "DeCosmo Easter
Pies" still exist?
       Well the answer was a definite
"Yes! My cousin said there was one
left and he promised to set it aside
for me!
        On Thursday my wife and I
stopped by for a nice family visit
and to pick up our pie. Picking it
up, by the way, takes some doing!
There's so many ingredients packed
into this Easter masterpiece the pies
weigh in at well over four pounds!
         So this year our family will
be able to take a taste of an old
family tradition. I'm thinking no
one leaves without eating some!
My aunts would insist!
        Hope everybody likes it and that
all your NEWS is good!


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