Tuesday, April 11, 2017


       WEREN'T WE JUST THERE?     

    It's funny. There are places that we used
to visit on a somewhat regular basis that, for
one reason or another, fell off our radar.
    Facing another 80 degree day my wife and
I boarded my Miata and headed out for parts
unknown. When my destination is uncertain
I literally make decisions every time I come to
an intersection.
    On Tuesday we found ourselves heading
into the Poconos on Route 115. And this
time we didn't turn until we reached the end
of that route!
     Next thing we knew we realized we were
in the general area of Cherry Valley Winery
which produces my favorite variety of Niagara
wine. It's one of those places we liked to visit
from time to time.
      This time, however, we found the old
wine tasting building converted to a Brick
oven Pizza restaurant. A larger building
next door now houses a tasting bar and a
large stock of the company's wines.
      We always likes the place. Now we like
it even more. My wife enjoyed a peach
sangria and we both dug into a pizza as good
as the last one we had in Italy!
       Not forgetting we were at a winery we
visited the shop and found a couple bottles
of our favorites!
       I casually mentioned I was surprised to
see all the changes and was just a little
embarrassed to learn they were made 11
years ago!!!!!!!
       Hope our next visit doesn't take that
long and that all your NEWS is good!

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