Sunday, April 16, 2017


   MONDAY, APPRIL 17TH., 2017

     Easter at our little church really
was a "Full Service, Service!"
     You'd expect an enthusiastic
sermon and some good old fashion
hymn singing on an Easter Sunday.
And we sure had that!
      But long before the congregation
showed up a couple volunteers opened
the kitchen in our church hall and
started preparing breakfast for anyone
who cared to partake! Needless to
say many did!
     After breakfast some more church
volunteers, including some young
people. salted the yard just in front
of our church with colorful Easter
Eggs! Then, just before our services
got started, the little kids got a chance
to gather as many eggs as their baskets
or bags could hold. Then they got some
special prizes as a reward for their
gathering efforts.
      What a wonder family oriented
Easter topped by a wonderful
hope filled sermon!
       Hope your day was great too
and that all your NEWS was, and
is, good!

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