Wednesday, April 5, 2017


      WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5TH., 2017
                      TURN RIGHT!

       Most all of us have a Garmin or
other GPS device in our car to guide
us to our destination these days.
       And a few of us have  heard
that little voice in our device tell us
to "Turn Right", or some similar
command, when there's no road or
street on our right onto which to turn!
They're not accurate all the time.
       But there is an option. And this
is the perfect day to discuss it. This
is "Read A Roadmap Day!"
       The paper Roadmap was once
our only way to navigate over
highways, back roads, and city
streets. Most of us picked up a fresh
edition every year either from our
local legislator, Triple A, or where
ever. Gas stations had them too. But
you had to buy them there.
        You usually keep them in your
glove compartment. If you can refold
them to get them back in there.
        We still carry a couple roadmaps
in our car. And we've used them from
time to time. Especially when our
GPS and common sense don't seem to
        And if we're still confused we
just follow the late Yogi Berra's advice.
"When you come to a fork in the road,
take it!"
        Hope you turn right (correctly
that is) and that all your NEWS is


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