Wednesday, April 12, 2017


    THURSDAY, APRIL 13TH., 2017

  Sunshine, warm temperatures, geese
flying north, robins, and blossoms are
all great signs of Spring.
  But there are others, far less pleasant!
  We came across those others on a
ride Wednesday afternoon.
   First there are the pot holes! We
were headed on the road leading
towards the Penn State Wilkes-Barre
campus. The term "mess" is a vast
understatement! There are so many
long potholes it's virtually impossible
to  avoid all of them!
    But with the potholes comes Penndot
road construction projects.
    Now that's generally a good thing
except when all the construction, some
of which is designed to repair potholes,
has you stranded in traffic or detoured
way out of your way.
      I had planned to turn off of my
pothole filled route onto another
side road leading, indirectly, to
Plymouth. But the road I wanted
was blocked by a huge sign marked
     A series of Penndot detour signs
guided us to a 5 way intersection
just outside of Dallas Borough. I
only wish I would have had a camera
ready. There were at least three
detour signs at the intersection. Each
faced a different direction!
      It's the closest thing to a Round-
About I've see without a circle!!!!!!
Initially I had the feeling....."You
can't get there from here!"
      I must have accidentally picked
the correct direction because I
eventually ended up in Plymouth!
I'm not sure which was worse, the
detour or the potholes.
       Hope your road is smooth
and straight and that all your
NEWS is good!



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