Sunday, April 23, 2017


     MONDAY, APRIL 24TH., 2017

  The movie in which I play a short part,
"All In Time" was screened as part of
the Dietrich Theater's Spring Film
Festival on Sunday.
   In many cases when a feature is
included in a festival someone involved
in the production is on hand to talk about
the movie and answer questions after it
has been seen. That someone, in a
sense, becomes the Speaker of the
House. Or in this case the theater!
    On Sunday that was me.
    Only problem is the allergies got to
my throat Sunday morning!
     There's nothing worse than a speaker
who can't speak!
     Fortunately the movie speaks for
itself for the most part so my squeaky
responses only had to be offered to a
handful of questions!
     We got a nice response from the
folks who turned out. Including, by the
way, my old TV colleague Derry Bird
and his wife Nancy!
     There's some great music in our
production, although Derry said he
had been hoping for a little Sinatra!
      For those who haven't yet seen
"All In Time", which was filmed in
Wilkes-Barre for the most part, it can
be purchased on line at sites such as
     Hope you  get to see it and that
all your NEWS is good!

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