Monday, April 17, 2017


   TUESDAY, APRIL 18TH., 2017
          HACKED AGAIN!

    I got an alert from one of my
Facebook friends Monday afternoon
informing me that I had been
     For those who haven't gone through
this inconvenience (yet) it involves
someone pretending to be you who
tries to contact your friends.
     The first time it happened to me
my email was hacked. Someone
claiming to be me wrote to all my
friends and told them I had been
robbed in England and needed them
to send money to help me get home.
      Ironically I had just returned from
a trip to Europe at the time (although
not England) so the request might
have sounded legitimate to those
who knew I had been overseas but
didn't remember just where,
       I don't think anyone actually
send money to the imposter. In fact
my sister-in-law responded with
the message, "Let him stay there!"
       When I checked yesterday I
realized I already have 3,663 'Friends'
and the majority of them asked me to
add them to my list. I haven't asked
anybody to become my Friend lately.
        The bulk of my list is made up
of people who knew or know me from
TV. Of the 3,663 'Friends' I probably
actually know only 50.
        No one has bothered to hack
my Blog (yet). But I suppose that
day will come too.
         So while you know it's me
understand that I am not trapped
anywhere and am not in any
immediate need for money. Of
course that shouldn't stop you
from sending some if your heart
is set on it!
         Hope, in the meantime,
you are you and that all your
NEWS is good


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