Sunday, April 2, 2017


   MONDAY, APRIL 3RD., 2017
           TOUGH DECISION?

     It's April 3rd friends. It's the
date selected for one of those
unusual "holidays" I love to write
     This is "Don't Go To Work
Unless It's Fun Day!"
      Wouldn't it be nice to wake up
in the morning and decide whether
you will go to work? If it is going to
be fun at work, you get up and go.
Otherwise, you turn over and go back
to sleep.
      Holiday which
compiles a list of strange holidays
was unable to find the creator of
this one. It's likely, however, it
was not originated by anyone in
      Since I am technically "retired"
I'm not facing this decision today.
I do report for my weekly ECTV
program each Monday. But I'm
off the hook this week having
taped a program in advance because
our Director is out of town.
     So it's all up to your working
folks. If you have fun at work go
in. If you don't, stay home.
    One suggestion if you're not
going in. You may not want to
mention this "holiday" as your
reason for calling off. I'd suggest
a cough as you phone in "with a
     Hope it works one way or the
other, and that all your NEWS is

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