Friday, April 14, 2017


   SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH., 2017
        I WASN'T THERE! BUT......

    105 years ago today the mighty
Titanic slid beneath the icy waters
of the Atlantic claiming over 1500
     And about this time every year
I get requests to tell the many stories
I've gathered about the ship and some
of its passengers. More than a dozen
listed Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania as
their destination. Some of them made
it and some did not.
      So we are clear, and in answer to
a young student's question after one
of my talks, I wasn't there when the
ship went down!
      Back in 1972 fate, or coincidence,
placed me in a position to solve a
then 60-yera-old mystery as I was
able to reunite two Titanic survivors.
One had saved the other's infant son
the night the ship sunk. But until I
became involved they didn't know
each other.
      That event began my interest
in Titanic related stories and my
invitations to share then with people
who are still fascinated with the
ship all these 105 years later.
       I'm glad there's still so much
interest. The last survivor died in
2009 so first hand accounts are
no longer available except as
presented in books or as passed
along through the families of
        And those stories are as
thrilling now as they were went
they were originally told by those
who had been on board and lived
to tell about the disaster.
         Many are as good or better
than those you've seen in the
movies so while I'm still around
I'm more than happy to tell them!
         This is a great day to recount
"A night to remember!"
          Hope the stories and the
interest live on and that all your
NEWS is good!


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