Monday, April 3, 2017


   TUESDAY, APRIL 4TH., 2017

  I've been limping around the house
for the better part of three weeks now
as a case of gout made it's way from
one foot to the other. I made use of
some crutches we had around when
the pain was bad and the snow kept
me from the doctor.
    After some medication for foot
number one I graduated to a cane
just before the ailment moved east
into foot number two.
    I second shot of cortisone began
the treatment I needed. But I was
also advised to stay off my feet for
a few days. The short walks I
needed were made easier by my
     I was even able to extend my
recovery period into Monday since
my weekly TV program had been
taped in advance for this week.
What a breeze. Just me and my cane!
      What a break! Or so I thought.
      While I lounged on the couch
my wife decided to take advantage
of the nice day to get some yard
clean up done.
       It was near the end of that
project when I heard her call for
one of the large absorbent bandages
we keep in the medicine cabinet.
        Seems our wheelbarrow has
a sharp edge that found a vein in
her leg! Couple that with her
blood thinner medication and
you've got a fountain on your
hands, But it's not spraying water!
        I put my cane and my wife in
the car and got her to the Emergency
Room expecting to see her get a couple
of stitches. Instead the Nurse decided
to do a tight wrap and instructed her
to keep her leg up. The folks in ER
believe stitches could have torn the
thin skin and caused more problems.
        So, as I write, her leg is up,
rewrapped again, and I'm waiting to
see if this is all a plan to take over
my cane! You know. The cane
        Hope the yard looks good,
the cane isn't needed, and that all
your NEWS is good!


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