Saturday, May 13, 2017



   If a strange voice answers when you call
my home don't panic. It's Karl who is, once
again, nice enough to move into our place
for a few days while we're leading a group
of folks to and through the Austrian Alps.
    Photos will have to follow later unless I
can figure a way to get them from my wife's
camera into my computer...a feat I haven't
yet tried.
    Speaking of trying, our first day was
extremely long starting with a bus trip to
Newark, a 7 hour flight into Germany, a
river cruise, and a drive into the Black
Forest where we'll start tomorrow's
     I made sure to rent a phone from
Verizon which gave me overseas time
so I could keep in touch with our guide
and call home if necessary. Only problem
was,,,,it didn't work! The prompt indicated
I had no service. There was another prompt
which gave me a telephone number to call
for assistance. But whoever added that
prompt didn't seem to realize I couldn't
call because MY PHONE DIDN'T WORK!!!!
     Thanks to Facebook and my daughter
Missy putting in a couple hours of calling
on my behalf...nd thanks to my wife's
tweezers, which allowed me to remove my
SIM Card from my rented phone, I am
now in telephone communication with
the world again. Kudos to several Verizon
tech support people who were able to
resolve my problem without coming back
home for another phone!
       So, since our schedule is a lot
different than most of you reading this
my blogs will come at "unusual times"
when and if I can get them out!
        Hope you'll wait for them and
pictures and that all your NEWS is

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