Sunday, May 7, 2017


            MONDAY, MAY 8TH., 2017

    I always liked that cute little song on "Sesame
Street." "Who are the people in your neighborhood?"
    There was a day when I knew all of the people
in the neighborhood where I grew up. Most were
pretty nice as I recall. Except for the one lady that
didn't like us climbing the fence into her yard to
retrieve our baseball. If she got it before you the
game was over. At least for that day.
     Seems as I grew older and moved into my
own home I knew fewer and fewer of my
neighbors. Of course part of that involves the
fact that many moved and were replaced by
people who might not always have been as
outgoing as those in place when we moved in.
      These days my dealings with most of the
people who live close by are pretty much
limited to casual conversations from time to
       But I think we're all wondering about
the newest person in our neighborhood. That
person has several acres of land just east of
our development. It's slightly elevated from
road level so it's difficult to see just what's
going on there. But for the past couple years
we've seen trees and brush cut on the land,
only to see much of the brush growing back.
      More recently the view from the road
reveled a large cargo trailer parked on the
property with what seems to be a clothes
line hanging from the vehicle! And "stuff"
hanging on the line!
       We're wondering if the cargo trailer
has become home to someone and what
is being planned for the land.
       If it were 20 years ago I'd be inclined
to wonder if Howard Hughes had moved
       I've asked Township officials for any
information they might have. I'd love to
know just who came come knocking to
borrow a cup or sugar, or some laundry
       Hope we get some answers and that
all your NEWS is good!

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