Thursday, May 11, 2017


   FRIDAY, MAY 12TH., 2017

   May 12th, for those who don't
already know, is "Odometer Day."
    The odometer is that little
device, usually located just below
your speedometer, that tells you
how many miles your vehicle has
traveled since it rolled off the
assembly line.
     Odometers have come a long
way themselves over the years.
There are actually records of an
odometer-like device that dates
from the Roman era! You've got
to wonder if the used chariot
dealers tried rolling the wheels
backwards to knock off a few
      Back around the time I
started driving (not in a chariot
by the way) most odometers
only displayed 5 digits. We
all longed for the day we'd hit
99,999 miles, knowing our
odometer would then go back
to all zeros as though we had
a brand new car! Of course I
don't remember any of my cars
lasting that long back then!
      These days odometers
can log all the miles you're
able to drive. A major set back
to used car salesmen!
       So if you haven't glanced
at your odometer lately today
is the perfect day to do so!
       Hope you haven't gone
too far, in your car that is, and
that all NEWS is good!

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