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By Charlotte DeCosmo
It seems today’s movie industry is heavily reliant on existing intellectual property. There are so many creative minds out there, you would think there is plenty of new material to go around. However, classic movies are coming back with a bang or, in some cases, a bust. But why you might ask? “There is a reference point. There is a concept already built in,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at market research firm ComScore. “There is a way to describe the movie very quickly, and that is the easy allure of a remake…on paper at least, you’re kind of ahead of the game theoretically.” While remakes like True Grit and Oceans Eleven are often recalled as better than the original, it is a big hurdle to jump.
Disney classics have generally been well received, including the recently released Beauty and The Beast (March 17th). For Hollywood, it’s a tale as old as time: Mess with memories, even with the best intentions, and face the consequences. Luckily, for Disney, a 90-second teaser trailer generated a record 92 million views in its first day online, leaving everyone in awe. See the official trailer here:
I remember absolutely loving Belle as a young girl. I even dressed up in the timeless yellow ball gown for Halloween in 4th grade. It was my first year at a new school, and I can still remember the class loving my costume! My family and I went to the local theater on opening weekend and had a fabulous time watching this enchanting re-tell of the 1991 animated movie. While it brought back fond childhood memories for me, it did not disappoint my six year old daughter either. She (along with most of the new generation) expects not only high quality special effects but the right blend of spectacular design and entertainment.  
The Dirty Dancing remake aired on Wednesday night and was also the number 1 Twitter trend (not in a good way!) Some say this remake of the 1987 classic was doomed from the start due to its change in framing. The new movie is a pseudo-musical, which positions the original story as a flashback to a now adult Baby, while she watches a Broadway show called…surprisingly Dirty Dancing. One thing I noticed that also changed was the original iconic songs. They were heavily remixed or newly covered. Sometimes you don’t need to change what worked really well, like “Do You Love Me” and of course, “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” Both the old and new Dirty Dancing have memorable lines like “Nobody puts Baby in a Corner” and delightful rom-com moments. However, it seems the remake has failed to capture the memorable Swayze-like dancing and the heart of the original. See home of the hilarious Twitter comments and movie clips here:
Not to our surprise, many more remakes are to come in 2017. I hear Dumbo, Jumanji and Aladdin are all in the works! Critics have high expectations, especially with remakes. Some come back and bust, but others come in with a bang! Hope you’re looking forward to some of the upcoming movie excitement, like I am, and all your NEWS is good!

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