Wednesday, May 17, 2017


     THURSDAY, MAY 18TH., 2017
               GETTING HIGH!

    Before you read too much into the
title I should explain that my essay has
nothing to do with drugs!
    But on Wednesday we, our gang
from Travelworld's Austrian Alps tour,
did get high! About 9,000 feet or so!
     We took a cogwheel railway, then
a cable car to reach the high plateau of
the Hungerburg mountain in Innsbruck.
That's pretty darn high!
       And we took the easy way up and
down. We spotted plenty of other people
using the mountain trails for hiking and
       The view from the top is fantastic.
On a clear day you can see Scranton. OK.
Maybe not Scranton, But for miles and
        We took a zillion pictures and had
a snack overlooking a vast section of
the Alps.
         We also saw Hang Gliders sailing
around us. And a group of elementary
school students were flocked abound one
flyer in particular. He was, I learned,
Wolfgang Siess, the Champion Hang
Glider pilot here in Austria!
         My wife was quick to tell the
other members of our tour group that
she got a picture with Wolfey with
his arm around her!
          I noted that, just afterwards, he
jumped off the mountain!
          Hope she appreciates my humor
and that all your NEWS is good!



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