Wednesday, May 3, 2017


   THURSDAY, MAY 4TH., 2017

    Look out! It's coming right at you!
It's May 4th. Also known as
"International Respect For Chickens
    In fact as it turns out May is Respect
For Chickens Month.
    Every time I search for a strange
or unusual "holiday" I seem to find a
new and stranger one.
     Actually this particular day is
relatively new. It was started in 2005
by an organization called United
Poultry Concerns which seems to be
worried about the "bleak existence of
chickens" on farms and ranches.
      I don't know much about Chicken
Farms although there is a guy who
lives in a wooded area not far from our
house who raises the birds. I see them
on the berm from time to time.
      I also saw one that didn't manage
to cross the road, no matter why it was
      I never thought much about "respecting"
chickens, I did appreciate the two scrambled
eggs I consumed for breakfast. And I have
a genuine liking for chickens I sometimes
acquire from "the Colonel" at KFC!  
       But if respect is due I'll enjoy a toast
(perhaps even two slices) with my next serving
and keep my sunny sides up!
       Hope this blog doesn't lay an egg and
that all your NEWS is good!

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